Since 1952

Here at Comercial e Industrial Aries, S.A. (Ciaries) we work with lime based on our respect for tradition and drive to constantly improve. We develop high-quality lime products and derivatives with a challenge for the future always in out minds: to continue growing through innovation, with the best possible products and processes, with the flexibility to adapt to the needs of our customers and the market and always with respect for the environment.



Here at Ciaries we believe quality is a comprehensive process of ongoing improvement. Our factories are highly automated and closely monitor the manufacturing process.

Our Quality Laboratories systematically analyze the products throughout the stages of the process, as well as the finished product. This ensures the quality of our finished product meets current legal regulations and the specific requirements of each of our customers.


These letters are at the heart of the company. Every department is involved and contributes in its area to push the company forward in research, development and innovation.

The goal is to continually expand our knowledge base and apply this knowledge to create and improve products and to optimize processes.

Growing in R&D&i allows us to be even more committed to our business philosophy.

Renewable energies

Here at Ciaries we are fully committed to the environment. We know that care and respect for our surroundings are essential to creating a good product.

We always use the Best Available Techniques in our processes and try to use renewable energy sources whenever possible. This allows us to improve energy efficiency and cut emissions.

Our goal is to replace all of the fossil fuels used in our factories with renewable energy sources. To do this, we’ve adapted the combustion processes to different sorts of biomass.